The Justice Gap in Rural America

There is a lawyer shortage. That’s right, there is a lawyer shortage. We have somehow ended up in a situation where law schools are graduating more people than there are job openings but yet we have a lawyer shortage. How is a lawyer shortage even remotely possible? The answer is resources (in this case lawyers) […]

What We Can Learn From History

“In an age restless and mobile, with family traditions less strong, and transportation exceedingly cheap and inviting, it is hardly strange that so many of the young people are eager to leave the country which they pronounce dead-as it literally is to them-for the lively town or city.” – Ernest R. Groves, “Psychic Causes of […]

A Rural Defense of the Electoral College

  It has been almost a month since election day and rural America has spoken. President-elect Donald Trump’s margins in rural communities helped him to defeat Hillary Clinton, despite her winning 2.5 million more raw votes nationwide. Clinton’s strength was primarily in urban areas. I’m not going to give you another thought piece on why […]

It’s Time To Connect Rural America

  Let’s talk about broadband internet! If you are reading this post then you are quite likely familiar with how powerful of a tool the internet can be. The internet allows us to communicate with people from all over the world, have easy access to a plethora of information, apply for jobs, buy goods from […]

We’re Back!

Hello everyone, Welcome to Lone Pine Policy, a blog that focuses on rural poverty and public policy. You may remember our short run last fall, a time which I now refer to as the “beta phase.” There are no surviving posts from that era available on this blog, primarily because I decided that it would […]